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Reid Presley

World Champion

Cole Presley

World Champion

Jason Warren

Chief Instructor

Mary Besse


Jake Presley

World Champion

Jacob Besse


Family Friendly Atmosphere

To achieve real change, you need a good example. Come and train with real Champions of Martial Arts.

Many Services to Serve your needs

Looking for classes to get in shape. We can help.

Birthday parties We can organize a birthday party at our studio.

Adult and Child Martial Arts We cater to ages 4 and up with our Martial Arts classes.

Fitness Classes Just looking to get in shape. We have classes to fit your needs.

Private Training Available One on One training on your schedule.

Training via Skype Not in our area, arrange for a class or classes via Skype.

Training Camp programs Join us for a training camp.

Find a Fit for You!

Class Schedule

4:30-5:15= White and Yellow belts
5:15-6:00= Orange/Green/Purple
6:00-6:45= Hyper Pro Training**
6:45-7:30= Blue through Poom
7:30-8:00= Adult/Teen Fitness*
8:00-8:30= Adult/Teen TKD***
4:30-5:00= Lil' Dragons
5:00-5:45= Orange/Green/Purple
5:45-6:30= Hyper Fight Club**
6:30-7:15= Black belts/Rec Black
7:15-7:45= Adult/Teen Fitness Class*
7:45-8:15= Adult/Teen Fitness TKD***
4:30-5:15= Orange/Green/Purple belts
5:15-6:00= White and Yellow belts
6:00-6:45= Blue through Poom
6:45-7:30= Rec Black
4:30-5:00= Lil' Dragons
5:00-5:45= White & Yellow Belts
5:45-6:30= Blue through Poom
6:30-7:15= Black Belts/Rec Black
7:15-7:45= Adult/Teen Fitness*
7:45-8:15= Adult/Teen TKD***

*Fitness is a stand-alone class for those just wanting fitness. If you are taking the TKD class you must take fitness class prior to your class.
** Black belts are welcome to take the Hyper classes as part of the black belt program. You are required to purchase the proper attire and gear needed.
*** Teen class includes kids 12 and up

Join us on your journey to Success!

Visit us onsite to discuss how you can join our programs.

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Training IN Lebanon, TN, USA.

1443 Baddour Pkwy in Lebanon, TN 37087

(615) 443-4783


Contact Information

1443 Baddour Pkwy in Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 443-4783


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